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Florencia Raitzin-Legrand, pianist - biography

Florencia Raitzin-Legrand was born in Buenos Aires. A pupil of Scaramuzza, Nadia Boulanger and Enrique Barenboim, she is a graduate of the Juillard School of Music.

Since the age of nine she has performed as a soloist throughout Europe and the Americas, appearing with conductors like Kleiber, Albert Wolff, Sergiu Celibidache, Theodore Guschlbauer, Alain Lombard, Bernhard Klee, André Girard etc. She has played with the orchestras of French and Belgian radio, with the Stuttgart Orchestra, the Lamoureux Orchestra, the Orchestre National de France and the Lepizig Gewandhaus Orchestra..

Invited to take part in numerous festivals, including Dubrovnik, Fêtes Musicales en Touraine, Spoleto, Chimay, the Musical Cruise on the “Renaissance”, and the Pollensa  Festival, in 1970 she created the Paris Institute of Music, of which Sviatoslav Richter remains the Honorary President.

Her masterclasses at the Grange de Meslay (Sviatoslav Richter’s Festival) developed into a regular event in Paris, attended by young musicians from all over the world. Some of these masterclasses were given by her prestigious colleagues: Bruno Gelber, Philippe Entremont, Karl Ulrich Schnabel, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Eugen Istomin, Arthur Rubinstein…

She has performed with top ensembles: Enesco Quartet, Amadeus Quartet, and the Paris Institute Trio which made its debut at S. Richter’s Festival.

A French citizen, Florencia Raitzin-Legrand lives in Paris.

Her summer activities were for many years centred at Le Touquet, where she was Musical Director of the Festival and Chamber Music School.

She has recorded for Masterclass Records and Musical Heritage.

Her repertoire with orchestra is wide-ranging, and a concerto list and suggested programmes are available on request.

Florencia Raitzin-Legrand has recently written her autobiography, The Tropic Bird flights and notes…, under the name of Serena Leigh Dalban. The limited edition of The Tropic Bird, offered by alumni of the P.I.M. to subsidise study grants, is on sale at Galignani’s, 224 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris or, by appointment, at the Paris Institute of Music (Tel: 0142604840).

The Tropic Bird seeks an editor to fly even further...

Photo of Florencia

Photo: David Hamilton


From the opening bars, it quickly became obvious that beside the illustrious Amadeus Quartet was a magician of the piano presiding over the radiance of an outstanding Brahms interpretation. Gifted with exceptional musicality and an exceptional tone, her art is made up of inward contemplation allied to depth of touch.

Le Méridional, Avignon

Touchstone for a Viennese debut is usually Mozart… each note had its appropriate expressiveness, the themes were phrased to suit their vocal character, and the adagio was in its own right so filled with excitement that one would not for a moment have thought of enlightening it with extra embellishments.

Neues Österreich, Vienna

This unique string quartet (Amadeus) became dramatic and languorous in the Brahms quartet. And one could not but admire the way in which the pianist Florencia Raitzin entered into the performance. The young artist knew how to form with the quartet a true duo, perfectly balanced and in unceasing communication.

Le Figaro, France

…it was a fascinating recital, impressively executed.

Conrad Wilson, Edinburgh

A born musician, one of a truly exceptional ‘race’, a subtle, uninhibited and persuasive performance; a sonorous charm of great refinement – so many rare qualities.

Le Figaro, France

Miss Raitzin seems to be a natural colorist, and one who makes the first distinction between dynamics and color without half trying…

New York Times

Even Clara Haskil and Wilhelm Kempff do not play (this Schumann concerto) more poetically or more authentically.

Frankischer Tag, Bamberg

Florencia Raitzin is a pianist of considerable technical accomplishment and musical gifts…

The Daily Telegraph, London

(In the Brahms second concerto) Her style is integrity itself, and her technique is accomplished, but she does not allow it to glitter superficially, only to shine in the places where the composer obviously wishes it.

Nouvelles Littéraires

Florencia Raitzin possesses not only a sense of the hazily poetic, which manifests itself in sweetly drawn out lyrical episodes, but also of the passionately compelling passages, in which the virtuoso breaks through powerfully… this was music-making to delight.

Main Post, Würzburg


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